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Indenting for Washing Chemical items
Product name Dilution Form Dosage(g/l) Appearance Origin
Neutral Powder Enzyme
Iglazyme SN-68 No Dosage:1 ~ 2% OF W.O.G. Whitish powder. Spain / Singapore
Iglazyme SN-06 No 1 ~ 2% OF O.W.G.
(With or Without Stones)
Light Yellowish Powder Spain / Singapore
Iglazyme SN-088 Prime No 1 to 2% of O.W.G Yellowish Powder Singapore
Iglazyme Prime Dual No 1 to 2% of O.W.G Whitish Powder Singapore
Acid Enzyme
Bio-Cell Role No 0.8 to 1.5g/l Light Yellow Liquid Singapore
Ultrazyme WCD No 0.8 to 1.5g/l Light Brownish Liquid Singapore
Hybrid/Cool Enzyme
Powermax-SL No 05 cc - 20 cc/kg jeans/textiles Light amber liquid Singapore
Desizing Agent
Ultrasize Clear No 0.5 to 1.0 g/l Dark brown liquid Singapore
Pimazol No 0.5 to 1.0g/l Brown liquid Singapore
Iglabuffer ECO(Acetic Acid) No 40% save. Clear, colorless liquid. Singapore
Emulsifying Agent
Silicone ME Raw 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 0.5-2.0%OWF Off white liquid of medium viscosity. Spain
Hydrophilic Silicone Raw 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 0.5~1.5% OWF Clear to Hazy Spain
Softsil ME Conc. 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 0.5-2.0% O.W.F Clear thick Solution Singapore
Anti-back Staining Agent
Antistain-77M Raw 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 0.5~1.0% O.W.F Whitish liquid Spain
QUBEE ALC 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 2.0~3.0% O.W.G Viscous Liquid Singapore
Anti-stain PPS Conc., 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water Viscous Liquid Singapore
Anti-Stain ID 1 kg Conc. + 4.0 Kg Water 1.0~2.0% O.W.G Amber Liquid Singapore
Softener Agent
Pearl Soft (Cationic) 1 kg + 10 Kg Water
(Cold water)
0.1~0.5% O.W.F Pearl Form Singapore
Antiozanate-V8 (Cationic) 1 kg + 1 Kg Water
3%-4% of O.W.G Whitish Liquid Spain
Creaseset-RD (Pre-catalysed resin(No need external catalyst)) 1 kg + 1 Kg Water 30~120g/l
(Depends on process or Fiber types)
Light yellowish liquid Singapore
Anti-creasing agent
Imacol-PC 1 kg + 150 Kg Water 0.5 to 3.0 g/l
(Depending on process & fabrics)
Yellowish, viscous liquid Spain
Bio-De 100 1 kg + 4 Kg Water 0.5-1.0%OWF Whitish liquid Singapore