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Indenting For (Knit & Woven Dyeing)
Indenting for Knit & Woven Dyeing Chemical items :-
Product name Dilution Form Dosage(g/l) Appearance Origin
Bio-Polish Enzyme
Brozyme-SB No 0.5-1.0%OWF Medium to dark clear amber slightly viscous liquid. Singapore
Unizyme L-20 No 0.5-0.8%OWF Slightly viscous liquid Singapore
Iglabuffer ECO (Acetic Acid) No 40% save. Clear, colorless liquid. Singapore
Emulsifying Agent
Silicone ME Raw 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
0.5-2.0%OWF Off white liquid of medium viscosity. Spain
Hydrophilic Silicone Raw 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
In Laundry-1-3% O.W.F (25%soln). In textile Mills -15~40g/l(25%soln) Clear to Hazy Spain
Softsil ME Conc. 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
0.5-2.0%OWF Clear thick Solution Singapore
Softener Agent
Pearl Soft (Cationic) Cationic (Cold Water) 0.1~0.5% O.W.F Pearl Form Singapore
Antiozanate-V8(Cationic) 1 kg +
10 Kg Water
3%-4% of O.W.G Whitish Liquid Spain
Fixing Agent
Dye Fixing-R 1 kg Conc. +
3.0 Kg Water
0.5-3.0%(Dark Shade) Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. Singapore
Leveling Agent
Dyelev-R 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
0.5-1.0%OWF Colorless transparent liquid Singapore
Sequestering Agent
Sequester-LX 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
0.5 to 2.0 %OWF Clear, yellowish liquid Singapore
Stabilizing Agent
Stabilizer-KE 1 kg Conc. +
4.0 Kg Water
  • Discontinuous bleaching : 0.5-1.5 g/l
  • Cold pad batch :6.0-10.0 ml/kg
  • Pad steam : 5.0-9.0 ml/kg Ml/kg (ml product per kg of goods)
Clear colorless liquid. Singapore
Anti-creasing agent
Imacol-PC 1 kg +
150 Kg Water
0.5 to 3.0 g/l (Depending on process & fabrics) Yellowish, viscous liquid Spain
Scouring Agent & Penetrating Agent
Scour-LFD [NOF] 1 kg Conc. +
3.5 Kg Water
0.5-1.0%OWF Light yellow liquid, with mild odor. Spain / Singapore
Anti-foaming agent
Anti-foam 1 kg +
4 Kg Water
0.5 to 0.7 g/l (Jet/Shear/High Temp Stable) Milky Whitish Liquid Singapore
Bio-De 100 1 kg +
4 Kg Water
0.5-1.0%OWF Whitish Liquid Singapore